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UK Chiari 1 Study (UK-C1S)

The UK Chiari 1 Study (UK-C1S) is a multi-centre, prospective and observational study of both the conservative and surgical management of Chiari 1 malformation.

The UK-C1S launched in October 2020 and is set to be complete within around 3 years.

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Primary objective:

  • To determine the patient- or parent-reported, health-related quality of life in patients with a new diagnosis of CM1 managed either conservatively or surgically at 12 months follow up.


Secondary objectives:

  • Assess the scope and variation of contemporary investigations and neurosurgical management for CM1 in the UK

  • Determine factors that are predictive of postoperative outcome

  • Examine the outcomes of varying surgical strategies (including HRQoL 12-months following decompressive surgery

  • Investigate the natural history of patients managed conservatively

Please watch the videos and read the information materials for further details.


How to set up

How to recruit

Neurosurgical centres signed up:

The trainee leads for the study are:

  • Rory Piper (Oxford)

  • Fardad Afshari (Birmingham)

If you are interested or have any questions then email

The UK-C1S is supported by the British Syringomyelia-Chiari Group and kindly funded by the Ann Conroy Trust (


Study protocol

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