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Seizure PRophylaxic IN Glioma (SPRING)

There is uncertainty whether prophylactic anti-epileptic drugs (AEDs) prior to surgery in patient with glioma is effective in preventing seizures in the year following surgery. AEDs are not licensed for this indication, but there use is increasing in the absence of evidence.

SPRING is a NIHR funded multi-centre randomised controlled trial of Levetiracetam vs no AED, prior to surgery in adult patients with suspected glioma, who have never had a seizure. A total of 804 patients over 3 years from up to 20 UK neurosurgical centres are expected to take part in this study.

We are encouraging neurosurgical trainees to get involved in the trial to help recruit patients at sites across the UK. This is a great opportunity to gain clinical trials experience.

More information can be found

If you are interested or have any questions please contact the Spring trial team by email –

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