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There is an urgent need to understand the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on decision making and outcomes in neuro-oncology and skull base patients.  Several organisations, professional societies, and charities have issued guidelines. Capturing real-world data and sharing national experience will inform the management of this complex group of patients with brain tumours throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

In order to contribute to CovidNeuroOnc you must first secure research/audit approval, according to local regulations.  This short protocol has been written to support that process. We encourage all stakeholders (local investigators, ethics committees, audit committees, institutional review boards) to work as quickly as possible to approve this project. This investigator-led, non-commercial, non-interventional study is low risk.

The protocol and proforma of this project are available here:



CovidNeuroOnc Protocol

CovidNeuroOnc Proforma

It is important that data collection should only be carried out during otherwise planned visits to the hospital. Trainees should not make additional visits to the hospital for data collection.

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